Welcome to DILUK

May 30, 2013 in Allgemein, news by admin

Bismi-Llāhi r-rahmāni r-rahīm – With the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

DILUK – Association for German Islamic Literature and Culture

We see our Association as a bridge not only connecting linguistic, cultural and religious elements, but also offering everyone the possibility to learn more about “the other side” of the bridge, to explore new territories or simply to extend one’s knowledge.

Who we are

As German-speaking Muslims, our goal is to make Islamic knowledge and the variety of Muslim lifestyles accessible to both Muslims and Non-Muslims living in Germany by publishing literature. By these means, we want to give our fellow citizens the opportunity to inform themselves about Islam and to extend their knowledge. Furthermore, our publications deem to resolve misunderstandings and contribute towards an inter-religious dialogue.

Our goals

Our Association aims to support the sparse literary landscape in Germany regarding Islamic literature and to contribute towards its professionalism. By translating Islamic literature into the German language, we strive to make classical Islamic and contemporary literature accessible for everyone. We also endeavor to promote mutual understanding by publishing prose works. Therefore, our Association offers financial support and mentoring to Muslim authors and translators in the realization of their projects.

Through the work of our Association, we want to make the teachings of Islam as well as expressions of Islamic culture available to German-speaking Muslims and Non-Muslims in their native language. A high quality standard in the translations and prose works is extremely important to us and shall be guaranteed by the granting of scholarships. Moreover, we will offer a close mentoring relationship and a comprehensive editorial service to scholarship holders.